Wednesday, December 22, 2004

under the Christmas tree

under the Christmas tree

My kids fell asleep under the christmas tree.

In their sleeping bags.

Am I being neglectful by leaving them there?

Oh well, if I am. All I know, is I am tired and the baby is back to sleep, and i will leave them there. They probably like it there. I hope they do, 'cause my ass ain't about to wake them and make them go to their beds.

We all have colds again.
All five of us. Weee fucking yeee.

I have a mucous filled nostril, the baby has two of them, and the other two kids hack a little bit. I am beginning to think we have black mold hiding in the creaks and crevices of this house.

I made hubby and the neighbor change the furnace filter, after we found out from Potty McPothead that the people who lived here NEVER changed it EVER in the FIVE YEARS THEY LIVED HERE. Fucking Hilljack tard people.

And also, the landlord is supposed to do it, but the landlord is also supposed to do a lot of things that he doesn't do, so the Hubs and Potty McPothead went to the hardware store and bought some for ours and Potty's. Potty says he changes his each year. I guess we reminded him.

And if we continue to get sick? I will make Asshole O'bunghole the landlord, make someone clean out the vents and fucking SEARCH for black mold. Cause that shit scares me, and I better not be having sick kids because of it. Fucking cock sucker people.

I hate people. I really do.


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