Friday, August 13, 2004

Someone stoled Jimmy Walker's noseAnd that someone would be me. I am sitting here looking at the picture I posted of myself over there to the left, where I describe myself. And I tried to make it look cool with the belly and all that, but that fucking nose, man.

What was I thinking? That's the thing, I wasn't thinking. I just plopped a photo of myself at 2 a.m. while being in a comatose state. I must change it.

I must put something up there pre-pregnancy, cause that shit is not kosher over there. The kids slept until 10 am. Talk about miracle. It would have been nice, but the fact that I slept in my son's bottom bunk, since he took over my spot in my own bed, didn't go well with my back. My back has spasms and sticks like a fucking rusty assed nail when I get out of bed, because the weight of the fetus is heavy. And because I am not 23 anymore. Being 3o and pregnant is definitley different than being 23 and pregnant.

Anyway, I was up and out and walking around like a fucking zombie all night. I would get up and crave Crush Orange pop and get up and find myself in a zombie state drinking out of the 2 liter. I would then piss out the prior Crush Orange pop craving and go back to my son's bunk, where my back would get all stuck again, then I would crave more pop, and so on. I did this all night. The last of it ending in me eating a balogna sandwhich with cold curly fries from the fridge standing up with the door of the fridge open at 5 a.m. My husband woke up to seeing me that way and just started laughing. I told him he better stop before I throw balogna at his morning face. I slept like shit and fetus had taken some sort of possesion over me which had me eating and drinking shit all night, and I had about 2 hours sleep.

I stayed up until 7, way after husband left for work, and just layed in my bed. I finally got some more sleep, but like I said, the kids woke at 10 and had it been a normal sleepfull night, I would be ecstatic, but instead I feel zombastic. simply fantastic. Zombastic with a Jimmy Walker nose.


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