Monday, August 23, 2004

Just babble

Just babble

I dunno if I like this layout or not, man. I have to leave it though, because being the html retardo that I am, I am not gonna go through all that jazz again, and end up not even blogging because I am such a dumbass and fucked it all up.

My crotch hurts. My crotch has been hurting for 2 days now. All i have done is go to the grocery store for an hour and a half and it felt like I ran a marathon. And Cletus the Fetus began digging his heels into my crotch area.
TURN LITTLE BABY TURN! At least do that with your head, and not the heels of your tiny little feet! Egads, man! Tiny Cletus feet hurt like the dickens, especially in your cervical area.

Wanna know what my diet consists of during the day? here it is:
Wake up: drink big tall glass of orange juice and prenatals
sometime in between: about 5 TUMS
breakfast: toast or something that doesnt make me have the runs
sometime in between: more TUMS
lunch: something that doesn't make me have the runs
sometime in between: more TUMS and some tylenol because my back is hurting
dinner: something that doesn't make me have the runs, but at this point will make me run to the bathroom between bites of my dinner meal.
sometime in between: TUMS and lots of water because the TUMS have made me feel dehydrated.
Bedtime: TUMS and more Tylenol because my back hurts like fuck and because I want the swelling in my anal area to go away due to the fact that I have already had the runs more than I can bear, despite all the TUMS.

If I second guess me getting my tubes cut, tied and fried to the side, please print this out and send it to me via FED-EX overnight.

Pregnancy is so ugly at 33 weeks.


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