Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hi, I am Pathetic Jones.

Hi, I am Pathetic Jones.

How fucking pathetic was I last night?

Oy vay.

Anyhow, today - was just like any other day. Infuckingsane.

My three year old followed me out into the snow bluster.

While I chased some mail that escaped from my mailbox. It fell into some icey slushy assed puddle.

And The Boy followed me, outside, in the snow bluster, in below freezing weather, with SHORTS ON. He had boots though, so at least he isn't that lost.

And all the while I am chasing a fucking envelope, my husband pulls into the driveway, and tried to go around the neighbor's car and got stuck in the field next to our house. He got stuck, in the snow, and ice and mush.

Me and my brother in laws had to push him out. They are pussies. They didn't push very well. I pushed hardest and I never even gave vaginal birth.

Must be all that practice I get from taking enormous shits.


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