Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Venti Venti EYE EYE!

Venti Venti EYE EYE!

I dropped The Girl off at school this morning.
I was walking her up to the doors and gave her the big old "have a good day I love you MUAH" thing that she is beginning to hate.

I headed back and looked at her gym teacher, who is always out there guiding parental traffic. He, for some reason, really bugged me.

There he was, in his gym teacher garb. Whistle. Sweatshirt with the school logo. and GYM SHORTS. He always wears Gym shorts. No matter what the weather.

His eyes. His eyes bugged out, beyond belief. Him screaming "let's go, let's go! Off to school we go!" The kids staring at him with side glances, and you know they are saying "Fuck off wanker" inside their little minds.

Then I got a mental picture that bothered me even more.

Him at Starbucks ordering a Venti Venti espresso with an extra shot of caffeine. Him drinking the Venti Venti and going home and palming it to Clay Aiken while he screams "VENTI VENTI EYE EYE!".

I dunno what's worse- him, or my elementary school gym teacher caught watching the girls as they changed.
Or my high school gym teacher that was a lesbian with hair like Fozzy Bear who used to make us run laps over and over again as she watched our adolescent tits bounce with glee.

Bad memories now. I need a moment to myself.

I feel disturbed now.

Hold me.


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