Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I love them, I just don't LIKE them.

I love them, I just don't LIKE them.

I went to bed last night instead of staying up. I was exhausted and I figured... if I went to bed early, I could arise early with the Munson munchkin (the baby) and we could play on the computer early in the wee hours before the savages awoke.

Well, me and Munson munchkin (the baby), awoke this morning. Early. And we came out here to watch some news and drink milkies. And for mommy to have a cup of coffee. And for mommy to change diaper and to change her own diaper because she is bleeding like a fucking stuck pig ( is it because I got my tubes tied? WHAT THE FUCK?). And then, mommy cleaned the turtle tank. And then mommy cleaned some more shit. And then by the time mommy decided to sit down and play her new games that daddy bought her (SimsCity 3000, SimsGolf, SimsAmusementpark and SimsRollerCoaster) THE OTHERS WOKE.

Why? Why do they crowd me? Besides the fact that it is winter and they have cabin fever and are small and need a mother. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE IN MY FACE ALL THE FUCKING TIME? WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST STAY ASLEEP ONE FUCKING HOUR MORE?

That's what I get. For cleaning and shit. I shoulda either stayed in bed with the wee one, or just have played that hour before. I am so pissed.

My husband, he got me some video games for Christmas (along with a new printer that prints out digicam pics HA HA WALMART I WILL NEVER NEED YOUR PHOTO PACKAGES AGAIN!)and some money and stuff, but anyway (notice how fucked my writing is this morning?) He got me these games that I WILL NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO PLAY. I won't. Because I can never play on the internet anymore because I have three kids, because I loved sex so much that I thought it was sexy to have three kids.

I want The Girl to go back to school. NOW. I don't care about walking in ten feet of snow to get her there, I JUST WANT HER TO GO BACK.

I also want The Boy to go TO school. He needs stimulation in the form of something other than television. He is way too whiney and I often wonder if he needs either medication or just to go to school. He may need both, I don't care, I just want him to stop WHINING.

I don't care about taking care of The baby. The baby is easy. He coos and smiles and poops and pees and drinks milk. So what. I can deal with him.

I have come to the conclusion recently, that I love babies. I looove looove loooooooove babies. It's when they grow up and can talk and bicker and whine and be loud and be bored and stuff... that I don't like them.

Can I trade my kids in?
No, seriously.


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