Monday, December 27, 2004

Too dense...

Too dense...

I am too dense to do cool gallery pics.
Like on Dooce and on Autumn's blogs. I can't do that.

I am too dense. I can't figure out shit. So... please. Please... deal with the overload of pictures.

Sorry Trini. I was trying to do it for you and your slow ass connection over there so you wouldn't beat me senselessly.

I will be gentle. I will post only a few things today and then tomorrow.

Notice I said TRY.

My Pretty snow covered yard...

Christmas Tree before the savages awake:

Look! Santa Came!

Everyone enjoying the presents

Except Munson Baby...

like I said, after 15 minutes he gets pissy.

Oh! Wait! He likey!

My husband's imitation of John Mayer. Excuse the bags of RAPING paper in the foreground.

He will kill me when he sees I have this online. Oh well. SORRY! He stuck his lips way out kinda like Mick Jaggerish, to pretend he was Johnny Boy. He is so mean. He kept screaming "Neee ON! NEEEON!" and strumming The Girl's guitar violently, before she grabbed it from him.

Taking requests...

Ok, I know that one...

She doesn't know ...

John Mayer is her real father. That is where she gets the guitar genes from. And the big dark circles she inherits from her mother, she is so lucky. Poor kid.

Touching Sissy's Face...

he is so cool.

Boots. Shorts. Spidey powers.

My son. In shorts. And Spidey boots. Exhibiting his Spidey Powers.

Tokyo A Go-Go...


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