Thursday, January 13, 2005

Postcard from the edge

Postcard from the edge

I am going on very small amounts of sleep right now.

Lots of coffee and very little sleep.

You would think the reason for this lack of sleep would be my three month old. But it isn't. It's because of my Three YEAR old.

He has been going through some intense and strange changes. I began thinking it was because of the baby. But I am starting to think it's more than that.

Like, he has ADHD more than that.
Or something else.

I can't deal.

We don't let him nap, and play with him, and cut his sugar intake and everything we can think of. But come bedtime, we are fighting with him for over two hours to get him to stay down. To lay down. To go to fucking sleep. And he won't. He is up every night, except for a choice few nights where we tried new things, but he soon got tired of those new things and is now up until midnight or beyond.

How? How can a small child, run on such energy?

How can he? I don't get it. He gets up at 6-7 a.m. every morning with us. He doesn't nap AT ALL.

Granted, he wants to sleep after dinner time, but we keep him up. The one night I let him go to bed at 7:30 he woke up at 10 oclock wanting to play.


A friend of mine suggested an herbal tincture in his juice, another friend told me to try letting him down for a nap in the early morning, and my MIL who had 4 kids of her own just says "I went through this with your husband. Him and his brother. I don't know what to tell you." WHADDYA MEAN YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO TELL ME!?? GODAMNIT! YOU WENT THROUGH THIS! HOW COULD YOU NOT THROW ME A FUCKING BONE!????

I am snapping. At him. At the cat. At the carpet. At everything.

The Baby on the other hand, slept from 9 oclock to 5 this morning.

I must have been really fucked up in another life. 'Cause my ass is paying three fold and then some right now.

Goodnight. I mean... well. Good day.


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