Saturday, July 16, 2005


Our AC has decided to take a minor shit. Not a major shit as in "oh my god the ac has taken a shit and we have nothing." but rather "oh my god the ac is acting like a twat and we have to shut it off for the afternoon and for now we have nothing."


A 31 year old woman with her period and three hot and aggitated children, who is hot and aggitated herself... is very very ugly.

My husband's birthday is Monday and he claims that he needs to be "enjoying my weekend before my birthday." Silly man. Birthdays are for kids.

And speaking of birthdays for kids... Mya and Keith Jr. have TWO birthdays next week. Yes. I have been plagued with a husband's and two children's birthdays within 7 days of each other.

Mya will be seven next Sunday, and Keithy will be four next Monday. A week from Big Keith's birthday. Ryan and I are the only ones who don't share a birthday in July. We don't suck, we just know when to be born, ain't that right Bubba?

July is a huge month for us. We are throwing the kids a party next weekend. I hope a lot of kids come, being I am just making calls and sending out emails instead of sending out the invites I made with Kim Possible and Spiderman. They came out cool, but I was out of ink. And stamps. And I just emailed them out, as fucking hick as that sounds. Mommy doesn't have it quite together in the organization department. So sue me.

My grandparents are also coming in from California. Not my nutso grandparents, but my cool ones.

In other news... Mya had to go to the ER yesterday because she has been vomiting and feverish all week. She has a double ear infection. Good times.

Keithy is beside himself because his girlfriend moved away. Yes my almost four year old has a "womans". Or as he says it "a womence". His heart will be eased to know she will come to visit him on his birthday. He "wubs" her. He says. He has already kissed her more than once on the swingset. We call him Don Keithy De Marco.

Ryan is furniture walking. More good times. My god when he begins walking I am in for it. Why am I so fat when I chase him constantly?

I need to go OD on Pamprin and sit in front of my fan while the hubs fixes the AC. Maybe I will pass out and dream about having my uterus torn out of my insides so I will never have to have another period again.


Blogger Sis said... like I would be crabby and miserable too. Hope the a/c is fixed. BTW...Brownie's Moms SUCK!

7:16 PM  
Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

You and Ryan should move your birthdays into July, get it all over with it once. Then you have an excuse to go out for pizza all month while the a.c. is out.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Caro said...

haha, oh the children these days and their womence.

my mother's bday is on dec 18th, my brother's on the 21st and my dad's on jan 1st.

they're all lumped in there.

i'm the cool one, feb 10. woo!

i feel so much pain for you, period, heat, no ac, hot children, one of which has a double ear infection.

hmph...good vibes your way!

7:51 PM  

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