Thursday, November 04, 2004



That's what it sounds like all night as I hack chunks.

Lovely, isn't it?

Lovely how my fucking body has turned against me. I give birth to Ryan, and it turns against me like some freak. As if to say "you took all that is good and holy in this body, give that baby back, and the baby making tubes that came before it!" And then it reaked havic. It made my body try to croak. It made my body bleed endlessly, and when blood came to it, it sought other ways to fuck me up.

Poof, pnuemonia.

Thanks freakish fucking body. You can't let me just relax and heal from this Csection, you have to make me sicker than fuck, and have to deal with a newborn and a three year old and a whiney assed six year old who thinks her mother is on her death bed.

If I don't develope post partum depression after this, it will be a miracle.


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