Monday, October 04, 2004

Crotch the Vote

Crotch the Vote

I am so sorry if I scared the bejesus out of you with that huge stomach of mine.
I had to share that scary part of me for some strange reason. I guess, I am voyueristic?

I registered to vote today. I know, how last minute can I be? But hey, gimme some credit, along with getting my life in order for a new human being to enter our lives over here, I somehow, remembered today, that "shit, i have to register to vote it's the 4th!" so, that I did. Be proud of my ghettofied ass. I am.

I am on pins and needles this week. Every second of the day, I am anxious and trying to picture the goings on that will take place friday night. The craziness that ensues when you get your uterus opened up and they pull a baby out of it. The crying, the laughter, the first initial reactions... all that is like birdies above my head, constantly circling.

Chirp Chirp.


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