Friday, December 17, 2004

bad habit

bad habit

I have bad habits.

One is I stay up real late, and do stupid shit instead of sleeping like I should. The baby is now sleeping almost through the night, with one feeding in exception.

And well, I should be sleeping, right?


I blog, and play with my blog and I stay up and talk with friends, and do things, because I make myself believe, that I need to do these things, or else I will get PPD and go crazy.

Hmmm. Sounds good enough for me.

Then I am tired, but that's what vitamins and coffee are for. Right? I guess.

One bad habit I used to have, is I smoked. I smoked for 13 years. 30-13=17. Uh huh. Long time. But I quit when Ryan was born. Because hubs said we should. Because we were killing ourselves and our wallet.

So we did. He did first, then I got pneumonia and then I did. Because I got pneumonia, and it hurt. And I said "if it hurts like this now, its gonna hurt real bad when I get cancer or emphesyma or some shit." So I quit too.

We were doing well.

Now he is smoking cigars.


He is also an unbearable... how can I put this lightly, ASSHOLE. He is so mean and freakish it's insane. ALL AFTER THE 2 MONTH MARK, PEOPLE. WTF?

I like eating. I like giving ... um... well you know... I like blowing things on my husband, and so, when I feel the need to get some hand to mouth action, I either pop in a bunch of chips or grapes, or I get real sexylike and I act naughty.

He on the other hand, well, if he won't eat, he can't give blow jobs, so I guess he will just use cigars.


I feel this is gonna be a long assed haul.


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