Wednesday, December 08, 2004

my farts will be from hell

my farts will be from hell

I just ate a hot dog with onions and tomatoes and relish.

My farts will be from hell tonight.

What else is new? My period is never ending. What THE FUCK? The nurses at the hospital said the first "tube tying period" would be kinda hellish.
Hellish I was expecting... neverending is just fucking torture.

I don't get it anyway... they tie the part that the eggs went through, shouldn't they just like, not go through AT ALL? But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they have to find an ALTERNATIVE route. Fucking eggs. I AM DONE MAKING EGG SAMMICHES! BE GONE! NO MORE MOONLIT DIVES WITH THE SPERMS! EGG WHORES. YOU ARE ALL EGG WHORES.

My kids gave me and the Hubs another hellish night.

I so want to run away. Run away with the cute baby I have now, and when he grows older and whiney and talking back and all that, I can trade him. For something newer.

I just passed gas. It was from hell.


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