Friday, December 03, 2004

Happiness and Sadness

Happiness and Sadness

Sadness is:
1. Having another fucking infection, this time in the ears.

2. Being in the hospital ER triage area for over 4 hours yesterday, because of said infection and being dehydrated so bad, they needed to give me 4 bags of IV fluid.

3. Being pissed off because doctor thought I had mono, and I thought I was just dying.

4. Being in the hospital again, for the 4th time in 2 months. I HATE HOSPITALS.

5. Hearing a choo choo train going on in your ears, but there is no choo choo train around, it's just my ears all fucked up and I hearing my own blood pumping.

6. Your mother calling you crying, because she walked out and quit her job and you wondering what the fuck is gonna happen now and how the hell you can help her.

Happiness is:

1. Fat babies that laugh and smile. Real early in the morning. When no one else is up. And he is just smiling, because he knows your his mommy.

2. Your pretty Christmas tree, and the soft glowing lights on it at night. When everyone is content and there is silence, and all the lights are off.

3. Having a hamburger and fries waiting for you at home, because Hubs decided you deserved a treat after going through triage hell. And it tasting like steak afer not eating for over 24 hours.

4. Going to the grocery store and buying anything you want, because you have more money this time around. Because you quit smoking over a month ago, and you are feeling the good come out of it.

5. Watching your husband bond with your three year old over Spiderman 2.

6. Looking at your daughter, and knowing what a strong willed, happy, independent being she is, while she is just coloring and cutting out construction paper.


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