Thursday, December 02, 2004

Pretty Pageant People

Pretty Pageant People

That's what my little fam was tonight. Or, at least we pretended to be. Big smiling Christmas Pageant people.

My six year old with an attitude had her school Christmas program. She looked all purdy and real shiney and whatnot. Before we all got there, all five of us, we looked unshiney and mean. All you saw were kids running through my house, screaming or whining or crying. Even Munson baby partook in the activities. He did the crying part.

I did Mya's hair in curly little spirals and then put a nice sparkly thing in it. And she had a twirly dress with mary janes on, and she was walking around like she would break. "Don't touch me Keifer, I just put this on... mom can I have lip gloss too? And a little blush?"
Did I add she is SIX? I did put on some lipgloss, just the clear kind, and a little blush, just for fun. Then she asked for mascara and the fun was over.

We left the house in a tizzy, the kids twirling about like in a tornado. I guess it was a tornado, a tornado of people and babies and baby things and coats and mittens and scarves and lip glossed up six year old's with attitudes claiming "NOW I WILL BE LATE! LATE FOR MY OWN SHOW!" Did I ever tell you she was a Drama Queen?

We got there, and we were happy pretty pageant family. Smiling, taking pictures. My neighbors were there, they looked at us and I think they laughed a little. Why? Ha... cause they know, they know the chaos that happened before we got there and became the shiney happy people.

At least we can PRETEND. They sat there looking stoned. And when their kid was on stage, I think they went out to hit a bowl in the parking lot of the school. Maybe not, but they were stoned clearly. They are always stoned.

Mya sang songs of Hannuka, Kwanzaa and Christmas, and then they did a whole school rendition of the "Jinlge Bell Jive". Almost all songs had a rap or jive in it, and I was determined that next year, she is going to Catholic school only. But that is another subject all in it's own.

We had fun. When we got home my three year old Keifer said, "Me like the kids on the stage, me want to be like them. Sissy is ugly though." And then she threw something at him and they tore each other's flesh until they went to bed.

Oh yea and before we left the auditorium I started to bleed through my pants. I ran out of there like a fucking nutcase. I got my first real period since having the baby, and it is HORRIFIC. At least it waited to bleed through my clothing until AFTER Mya was done with her program.

Peace on earth, and goodwill towards the insane. Good night.


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