Monday, December 13, 2004

Your dad is a turkey baster, and other stories...

Your daddy is a turkey baster, and other stories...

I am searching the net.
I am searching for Christmas presents for my kids. In particular my daughter. She has requested some books and I was searching for a particular book I enjoyed as a little girl.

I could not remember the name of it for the life of me. What I could remember was it was about a little girl that deals with her mother remarrying, her mother having a new baby, and her naming her baby brother Jello because of his initials. Or something.

I had both of those things going on when I was a kid, and thought, maybe the book will help her in her own transition of having a new baby brother.

Ok, so onto my findings. I am searching, Googling, Amazoning, and putting in shit like "girl who's mother remarries and she nicknames her baby brother JELLO" shit like that, 'cause that be the shit I remember about the book, AAAA-IGHT? (laughing my ex-ghettofied ass off).
Then I shorten it to "literary books for children ages 6-10."

I come across this list.
A strange kinda little list.

A list of different types of situations... like "Jimmy is green, because he is adopted". You know, stuff like that. And then I see it. I see something that makes me realize, my kid may one day be going to school with another kid that was concieved by a turkey baster. I come across this:
Let Me Explain: A Story About Donor Insemination. Jane T Schnitter. Illustrated by Joanne Bowring. 1995. 32p. (gr 1-5). Perspectives Press. The main character of this book, a young girl, explains the basics of being conceived via donor insemination. Her tone is completely matter-of-fact. She shows her strong attachment to her dad and her lack of confusion about her donor father. Let Me Explain creates the warm and reassuring message that this alternative form of family building produces a normal, loving father/child relationship.
Buy It Now:

Not that being a turkey baster kid is bad. I mean you have a loving family just like any other kid. But see... I never had a friend that came from a turkey baster. I had a friend FROM Turkey. and I had friends that ATE turkey. And I even had friends that ACTED like turkeys.... as a matter of fact, like JIVE turkeys. But I never had a friend that came from the baster that BASTES the turkey.

So, for that reason, I wouldn't know what to do.


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