Sunday, December 19, 2004

Hair and stuff.

Hair and stuff.

I have pictures of the hair.

I need to get another page for gallery like pics, because I hate posting them on here, and them being so big and annoying. Give me time, I am retarded with things like this.

It snowed here, and is continuing to snow. THANK GOD no school this week. I don't know if you know this, but I have to walk Mya to school, so it sucks ass hair when it's nasty out.

We will have a white Christmas. Or at least a grey one, because a week from now it will all be dirty snow. Dirty snow is so ugly. Whore snow. That's what I call it. I like the virgin snow. Who doesn't!?

Here are the pics...

Me in my full blown dorkishness.

I think I am looking all cute and coy and whatnot... then I saw the baby's spitup stain. How fucking cute am I? Fucking nerd.

I forgot to add, I cut all her hair off. Well, not me, but some weird mechanical bitch at MasterCuts in the mall. She was all "WHAT LENGTH WOULD YOU LIKE HER HAIR? IS THIS OK?" you have to say it like a robot. Then I paid her and she was all "THANK YOU- FOR COMING TO MASTERCUTS- PLEASE COME AGAIN." Fucking Irobot bitch. I told the robot twat to give my kid LAYERS... DO YOU SEE LAYERS? That's what I get for not taking her to "the fancy place" as she calls my salon. Next time she gets treated to "the fancy place",'cause Mastercuts sucks ass. She looks better though. More kept, and not like a little hilljack child.

Mya: "Smile mom"...
Me: "Ok... tee heee! I look high! weeeeeeeeee!"

normal pose. we look purty and un-hilljack like.

we got the boy some new snow pants and a new coat. I made him pose like Randy from A Christmas Story. I also made him say "I can't put my arrrrmmmmmsss down!"

Merry Christmas. I want some Christmas Duck. Damned Bumpus Dogs.


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