Sunday, December 19, 2004

'Tis Late....

'Tis Late....

I have done lots and lots of shit this weekend. Mostly getting the last of the kids presents and whatnot. Eating steak with Keith, and then fighting with him all within the same night. Not a serious fight, more of a disagreement.

About what? Who knows. I was bloated from steak and done with shopping and tired. So I don't remember.

Speaking of bloated. I am very much so, and distustingly BLOATED LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER. I think I am gonna get my rag or something, or I am getting fat again.

I got my haircut. Its purty. Me like it. It make me look human.

I will post pics of it tomorrow, 'cause in case you didn't realize, it's 3 am. And also... I am going to get my bowels ripped out by Satan himself, because I drank some wine with my little sister in law, who is 16, and I will go to jail now.

I used to buy her Barbies. Now I buy her wine. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Hey, it's yuletidey and shit, she babysat for me, and I offered her a glass or two. At least it wasn't POT.

Me feels important

I must add that I now feel like I am sooo fucking worthy. Worthy because Autumn from Autumnville has not only commented on my blog, but has added me to the list of blogs that she reads.

I used to think I was so uncool and dorklike. I still think I am, but at least cool people read about my dorkishness.

Her and SJ read me. OH! And also Manolo! I feel so fucking worthy I could come in my brand new Delta Burke lace boy shorts I got from TJ Maxx for 2.99 last night.

Also, Autumn made references to under booblings, and I thought I was the only one that looked at those.


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