Friday, January 14, 2005

Thanks for all of your suggestions.

And Luis. Yours was about the most interesting, but the most sincere. So thanks. I have an uncle that deals with herbs and things of that nature. If the situation gets so bad that The Boy needs to be rubbed down with spiritual salts and oils, then I will do what I have to do.

Last night was a bit better. We ignored him after trying all other measures. He exhausted himself with his own whining. And he fell asleep on his bedroom floor. We put him in his bed and he was fine all night.

He is just going through a shithead stage. And it could be the negativity in the house from all sorta things. I guess I will have to go back to my Wiccan books stored in the basement and see if I can cut an onion in half and have it soak up the negative.

Then, I will put a mirror in my kitchen in front of my door, so that when people come over they can see themselves in it, and if they freak out they never return. Via Feng Shui.

Then, I will run around in a velvet cloak with nothing underneath and twiddle me nipples when no one is looking. Just kidding. But that sounds like fun.

Thanks again. Eventually, he will become tired of himself. Either that or mommy will go to the local nut ward, because that sounds more and more appealing every single day.

Hairy Scary

There is a local crustified and dusty assed newsman that does his thing every morning. His segment is called "Kickin' it with Kenny!".

Well, Kenny has a thing going on Ebay this morning and will be going on for nine days straight.

He is selling his hair.


He had it shaved off and is selling it for the Red Cross to help aid in the Tsunami Relief.

If you would like to have some of his hair... to suck on, to fondle, or to just sprinkle all over you while soaked in honey. Or if you would like it just to have for whatever sick fucking reason... go here.

Or just go and look and see what a lame ass I am in the morning. Because only someone lame can watch something this LAME go on.

Couldn't he have, like donated a shirt instead? WHY FUCKING HAIR? HAIR SCARES ME NO MATTER WHERE IT COMES FROM! Not to mention from the head of a freaky weird news dude.


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