Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Demon Seeds

Demon Seeds

Remember Potty McPothead my neighbor?

They live above us? Yea, them.

Last night, I was having a good night. The boy went to sleep on the dot at 8 p.m. The girl was being good, so I let her watch Aladdin on Disney in her bed and she went to sleep on the dot after it was done. She turned off her T.V on her own, gave me kisses and went to sleep.

By 9:30 I was reading my book, relaxing with the hubs. Babies asleep. All was good.

Then there's Potty McPothead and his woman Alchoholic Bitch Whore's kids. Their son threatens Potty supposedly by saying "When I grow up I am going to blow your head off." At least that's what Potty tells me and the hubby when we happen to run into him in the basement doing laundry. I always make it quick when I run into Potty. He gives me more TMI than I can handle.

Anyhow, lately, he and his wife/woman/baby mama or whatever you wanna call her, are not getting along. Lemme rephrase that, not getting along for 2 weeks UNTIL the night before Valentine's, when I heard them humping.

So, we have Potty and ABW and their kids. They have a little girl who is 3 and she has a room above my boy's room. She used to go to bed on time, until they started fighting at night. Now she wont sleep.

She was running. And making dinosaur noises. Until midnight. She woke up both of my boys. THREE TIMES.

She is demon.

I am patient. I like to think I am a nice neighbor. I let the drunken fight nights they have, go- by not calling the police.

I even let ABW use my dryer once or twice when hers was broken. She and I also trade clothes for the kids. I give her The Girl's older stuff for her demon seed, and she gives me her boy demon seeds clothes for my boy. I even got a bargain of shit from her before the Baby was born at her baby yard sale.

But this shit has to stop. I feel like I got NO SLEEP WHATSOEVER.

I like my sleep.

I hope they like theirs. Because today I am being extra loud.

Them heathen assed vampires. If this doesn't give me a kick in my ass to buy a house in the country I don't know what will.

Do heathen assed vampires live in the country?


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