Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thanks Napoleon....

Thanks Napoleon....

... I will take it from here.

EHEM. Hi. Remember me? Uh huh. If you are still checking in on me and haven't decided "WTF? Whatever, she wasn't any good to read anyways, always bitching about her life, herself, blah blah blah..." I want to thank you for having the patience.

I suffered a little setback.

I am back though. I can't get into details right at this second.

Why? How come? WTF?

Well, because one night of two hours and playing with graphics, and setting up my page has me tired out. What can I say? I mean, come on now. I have three kids and a husband to take care of. Not to mention myself.

So... the details will come tomorrow. If I can. Or days to follow.

Man... I forgot how to write. This looks like shit. SEE! SEE WHAT HAPPENS????

Goodnight sweet peas. And thanks for caring.

~ M.


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