Monday, February 14, 2005

He [hearts] me

He [hearts] me

My husband hearts me.

I have to show you and tell you what he got me, because it was so sweet the way he did it. So funny, so him.

I was going to get him an Xbox last week. I was going to be sneaky about it. But decided one day to tell him to go buy it. Which he did. Now I wished I could have surprised him the way he did me.

He comes into the kitchen yesterday after a long trip to the grocery store. Hands me only a CVS bag and goes " Everywhere you go, Valentine's Day this and Valentine's Day that... blahh blahhhh blahhhh...." with a scowl on his face.

Yea, I was like, "what's crawled up his bum?".

I opened the CVS bag to get whatever is in it. I was expecting donuts from the grocery store bakery, damnit. Why didn't he go to the bakery? And where are the groceries?

In the CVS bag, along with cough drops and other toiletries... is a jewelry box.

"What's this?" I go.

"Huh? Open it. I dunno..." he says with that shit eating grin of his that is famous.

My daughter went with him and is standing there with her tongue on the side of her mouth. "Open it MOOOOOM!!!!"

I open it and there is the most gorgeous diamond heart pendant ever. With a necklace. "IS THIS REAL? ARE THESE DIAMONDS? OH MY GOD!" I started to cry. I hugged him so tight. "It's not from CVS baby!" he laughs. And my daughter is standing there giggling and clapping her hands.

I keep crying. I can't see. My eyes are flooded.

You see, we never really get to do things for each other. We never have extra money to get things when holidays come. And they usually go with the children being spoiled rotten and us sitting there being happy we could provide them with their dreams. But lately, we have been blessed. Blessed enough to buy each other things, and you forget how special it feels when you can buy someone you love something.

"I wanted to do something nice for you. I wanted to show you how much I love you. I love you, Mari." Said the handsome man.

He doesn't have to show me anything. He has done that by being by my side for 8 years as of the 22nd of this month. For helping me bring three beautiful babies into this world. And for working so hard to provide us with things.

I love him. I love him more than ever. And not because he bought me diamonds. Because he gave me a heart. He gave me his heart 8 years ago, in another shape other than baguette shaped.

I love you Keith.

And yea, be bought me donuts, too.

LOOK HOW IT GLITTERS, SO! Ok... I animated it...


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