Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I dunno if I can pull this off.

I dunno if I can pull this off.

I have vowed to stop cussing so much.

My friend had her kids over today, and all I could do to stop saying FUCK and MOTHER FUCKER and all that goodness, was really hard. I even slipped. I think she wanted to smack me.

My mouth is dirty. Like John Mayer says in Comfortable.

" She says the bible is all that she reads and prefers that I not use profanity.... your mouth was, so dirty."

Even though, my first intitial thought was she had a dirty mouth because she gave good head, or because she needed to brush more often. I soon realized he meant she was like ME! She cussed like a FUCKING COCK SUCKING SAILOR.

So, yea. I need to not cuss so much. Because I have three little kids. Like my friend. She cusses, but she cusses when it's us, and we are having fun with wings and beer, and when we are acting like FUCKING lunatics driving around in the snow trying not to go back home, where we SHOULDN'T CUSS.

Example: her youngest son, runs into my middle son, and we laugh. Because it's so cute as they collide and are falling to the ground and are in pain. Just kidding. No pain.

But it's funny, because we call him the baby rhino, cause he is so cute and rough when he hugs people, and my middle son is just taking these hugs and falling to the ground and wincing and laughing in half pain, half hilarity.

So, I, I go "OMG HOW FUCKING HILARIOUS!" I caught myself like SEVENTEEN HUNDRED TIMES today. I dunno if she did. But I did. That's bad.

I need to say words like fecking, and effing, and darnit and shitzui. And stuff. Or not even that stuff. I am a horrible mother, people.

It's bad. And also, because, I caught my three year old son, calling his Doctor Octopus action figure an asshole the other day.


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