Friday, February 18, 2005

La Sucias

La Sucias

I have to tell you about what happened to me.

Last week, I wrote a fan letter of sorts, to Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. She is an author that I have recently discovered.

I truly love her writing. So, I decided to write her a letter.

I did not, expect her to write back. I didn't even expect her to read it.

She did both. And then some.

She wrote me back a letter, that I now put in my current book, (a book written by her of course) as a bookmark. And also, because I could not believe that she was so nice, and so encouraging.

She then invited me to meet other women in an online group. A group that includes incredibly talented, artistic, creative and inspiring women of all backgrounds.

I feel so freaking lucky I can't explain.

I am surrounded by all these awe-inspiring women. And here is little ol' me with my blog.

And they are READING MY WORDS. My silly little, yet insanely loud self. My bad wording, grammar, and my freaking (I said freaking!)dirty mouthed words.

I made a promise to myself, just the day before I wrote Alisa. And that was to be honest to myself and to just show people what I am made of. To let them see the good and the bad, and just, to be myself.

And so you see, when I did just that, and I wrote her that letter, I opened up a whole new world of new places and people that I had yet to see. Not only because I was inspired by her, but because she saw something in me to invite me to get to know her and them.

I know I am just a mom. That sits here daily and writes about the goings on in my little family.

But an author, who writes novels, and is on the New York Times Bestseller list, said nice things about my writing. And linked people to my writing. Even if it does just talk about diapers and baby food, and my silly little life.

It must be something about the way I write, that makes people read me. And that is enough to give me that push and give myself credit, and maybe do something I always wanted to do.

Thank You.


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