Thursday, March 03, 2005

Do it.

Do it.

I am angry right now.

Someone I love and hold very dear to me was hurt tonight. Made to feel as if they weren't good enough. Was made to question their ability as an artist.

I want to throw things and make people vanish.

What makes me the most angry is, that this person has enormous talent. This person has more talent than they realizes. Their form of craft is unique. It has promise. And they were made to question that. To question their own ability to create.

They were made to feel as if they were not good enough.

As artists, no matter what your craft, be it writing a book, painting, acting, etc., you feel pressured to measure up. Measured up in your own mind. Even if your talent is enormous, you bare your soul, and you put yourself out there, and baring yourself can be brutal. Almost violating. No, not almost, it can be.

I might be talking out of my ass because I am angry. And when I am angry I don't make sense. All I know is that my friend has enormous talent at what they do. I don't want my friend to give up. This person inspires me. I believe tremendously in this person's ability to perform as a great artist.

I believe in you. So do it.


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