Monday, February 21, 2005

Paris has yo numbah

Paris has yo numbah

Did you hear about Paris Hilton's cell getting hacked into over this weekend?

Not that you would care, neither did I. But, my husband was reading one of his Sports boards and they had a link to the site that had the numbers and email addresses. Interesting. I was giggling.

Eminem? Giggle! Vin Diesle? Giggle snort! Ashlee and Jessica Simpson? Giggle snort guffaw!!

Many more actors and actresses, Benny Medina, Mr. Iovene. Some interesting people. I wish I coulda jotted those down. Because today when I came back on they were gone. DAMNIT! DAAAAYAAAM!

Not that I would call Eminem. What would I say to him? You are washed up? I heard your peter was small from some chick in the Enquirer? Or what about Jessica Simpson? "YOU SUCK ASS HAIR!"? What would you say to these people? And then there is the fact that you are invading someone's privacy.

I mean, they are people, too. That must have sucked. I heard they all got about 300 to 400 calls in one day. Eminem and Vin changed their numbers. And one unamed actress screamed "Why would she put my phone number in her cell phone!?? I mean come ON!??" I dunno, unnamed actress. All I know is, if anyone meets Paris "spoiled brat" Hilton, don't give her your phone number. Or email address. She is careless.

I wonder... in there, there was a code name for someone. Who the fuck is Eggplant Dike? I guess we will never know.


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