Monday, August 29, 2005

Watching the storm

I am fascinated with storms. As is my daughter. I am beginning to believe that her sense of fashion and her love for weather will lead her in great directions. "And here is Mya C. with the weather... ".

Katrina looks like a bad mama jamma. I can't wait to look on the net with Mya when she gets home, so we can watch footage and sit glued to the tube in her room as we watch the Weather Channel.

She understands the destruction, and her first questions are always "did they tell people to go to safety? What about the people who can't get out, mom?" I always tell her that people will get out. No matter how ugly it really can be. She has this passion for what happens in the skies. And a passion for people. My little weather girl.

We are actually getting the remnants right now of what's going on in Louisiana. If you live in the track of the current storm, and it's raining... you can actually stick your tongue out and taste salt water. That's Katrina, people. I shit you not. Katrina can be tasted all the way up in Ohio.

Here is some info and current up to dates... if you are staying there, God bless you. I hope you're safe.
Watching Katrina


Blogger jamwall said...

salt water??? dat's some crazy 'chit man!

well, as you know, my state has a "reputation" during the winter that we catch a lotta crap for. a lot of that crap comes from folks in states that are either vulnerable to hurricanes, volnerable to earthquakes, get several hundreds (if not thousands) of tornados every year, or places that get mudslides and forest fires every summer.

i was worrying about those folks down south all night and all day. but i'm sure glad i don't live in those fema-frequented areas.

5:45 PM  
Blogger jamwall said...

by the way, ohio is good in my book *wink wink*

6:19 PM  
Blogger Evelina said...

I love storms too. Something about Mother Nature and our inability to control her and her wrath just fascinates me. I hate to see the destruction though.

Growing up in Miami I went through tons of hurricanes. Luckily we always managed to stay out of harms way.

We're getting rain now from Katrina and are supposed to get tons more and wind and flooding later tonight. Oooo, there's goes some pretty strong thunder. I should go. Take care Mari!! :)

7:02 PM  

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