Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Don't mess with me!

Don't mess with me

I am in a bad mood today. I had a lot of fucking headachy adult bullshit going on, and I do not feel like dealing with it. How sad is that? I am 30 fucking years old and just want to hide under my covers from "adult, big people stuff". I don't wanna deal with the world today. I don't wanna deal.

My kid was denied a sandwhich last week in lunch, because she had "a brown bag" even though she paid 2 fucking dollars to get herself a sandwhich, they wouldn't let her go get it, because she had a "brown bag". I told her teacher, to tell the fucktard lunchlady, that had she looked inside my kid's "brown bag" that she would have seen there was cheese and some crackers in there and a juice. AND THAT'S ALL. She wasn't trying to smuggle a fucking 3 course meal in there and buy a cheese sandwich, you fucking tyrant!

Mymy wanted to eat lunch today though, so I told her teacher "you owe her 2 dollars from last week, because she was not allowed to use that to get her sandwhich, please make sure my child eats a lunch...." Now I am sitting here all scared my kid ate nothing for lunch. And if she comes home and tells me that the fucktard lunchlady wouldn't let her get a lunch, I am going to go to the school and beat the fuck out of the lunchlady. They will have to fucking arrest me. Don't fuck with my kid, man. I will kill you.


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