Thursday, September 09, 2004



I feel horrible today. I have had nothing but back pain from the depths of hell and pain shooting down my legs since last night. It got so bad, I was crying in a fetal positioned ball earlier.

I had to get my sister in law to pick up Mimi from school, because a walk across the backyard and the field would have never happened. I would have collapsed before I reached the building.

Did I call the doc? Of course not. I like to torture myself, and would probably have given birth in my bed and bitten off the umbilical cord, if it could happen. Don't ask why, but I never call the doctor. My mother was screaming at me today on the phone telling me that if I don't call the doctor she was going to call him for me. I told her it would subside, and if it got worse I would go into the ER.

It subsided. No birth in my bed. No umbilical cord biting.

It subsided, but the upset, sour stomach that I have had accompanying it is still there, not matter how many TUMS or alka seltzer I take.

I have 30 days left. 30 days of what I hope is not this. Because if that is the case, I will be a flopped over piece of human being wheeled into the Csection O.R.


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