Friday, September 17, 2004

so much...

So Much...

The passed few days have been such a myriad of events, I dont even know if I am using that word in the right context, but oh well.

I have been through stupid shit, and stupid people. Such is life. Such Much. Right?

My husband and I have been through ups and downs. Emotional, marital, you name it. We had it out last night over stupid shit. We both exploded. It was ugly. Now it's not. Kinda like a hurricane. Hurricane Marriage.

Besides that bullshit, we were then able to go to Mimi's school Open House. They had each child give their family a tour of the building, and Miss Mimi was very much the tour guide. That kid is hilarious. She makes me laugh so hard.

Keifer has this obsession with an old Power Puff Girls backpack of hers, that he fills with toys and such, and he has to take it with him everytime we go to her school, well, last night was no exception. As he got out of the car and strapped it to his back she goes "Great, again with the backpack, my friends will think I am from a freak family!" I was like "Come on now, he wants to feel like a school kid, he just wants to be like you, he looks up to you, don't make fun of him." She goes ..." Mom I love him, but the backpack has to go..." The backpack stayed, on his back, and he did just fine thank you.

I was impressed with the computers and the new things they have in her classroom. The school was redone after being closed for 17 years, and they did an awesome job. Everything new. Everyone bright eyed and bushy tailed, the kids, the teachers, the walls, the bathrooms, the floors. The playgrounds are new and smell like new. The gym gleaming like a diamond with freshness. Mimi knew all her teachers names, and they all knew her. Her gym teacher, her art teacher, her music teacher, her librarian. The principal even said "Hey! It's Mimi and her family!". My husband and I just looked at each other. Miss Mimi is more outgoing than I gave her credit for. Very different from my little wallflower a couple of years ago.

At the end of the Open house they gave each child a daffodil bulb to plant in the school garden for next spring. They called it the student garden. They let Keifer plant one next to Mimi, and he was soooo into it. I wish I woulda taken the camera. So, next spring, there will be two little daffodils next to each other planted by my kids, how sweet is that? I was glad we went. I almost didn't. But this gave us all a chance to go together as a family, and for Mimi to show off her new school. She was so proud. I love to see her like that. I love to see her thriving.

On to baby news... my doctor has scheduled the Csection for October 8th. In three weeks I will be well medicated in a hospital room, with a new little fresh bundle of sweet joy. I can not believe where this time has gone.

I can not believe I am having my second son and third child. I can not believe, that I am going to finally see him and hold him and smell him.

You spend nine months waiting to see this little person inside of you, you have no idea what characteristics they have, what personality they have, what color hair or eyes they have, and then one day, the monotony of your life comes to a screeching halt. You are surrounded in a bubble of glorious baby. Baby hair, baby smell, baby skin. You are in the fluffiest angel's wings, rainbow colored halo light. They are finally born, and your life is never again the same. And you never want it to be.


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