Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Bee Gees live at WALMART!

The Bee Gees live at WALMART!

I saw a live Bee Gee. And he was at Walmart!

I went with my Sissy as she helped me escape all that is insane and hellacious in my household. She wisked me away for some shoppin' at the Walfart.

We were walking up to the entrance we saw the back of someone's head. In silence, we questioned to ourselves "is that a man? is that a woman? is that a human?" It was all mullet-like, yet very teased and swept around in a forward motion. Very stiff. Very 80's. The mulletness was not so mullet like, though. We could not, for the life of us, put into words what we had before our eyes. I didn't even have to look at Sissy, she said it for the both of us. "Whah-- what the fuck is that?"

I giggled. She turned her head sideways, and we both followed it as it walked into the customer service area while holding a toddler.

I, could not take my eyes off of it, until I found closure. I kept walking, passed the happy cart lady and the people around me, oblivious I was even in the store. I was not going to stop looking. In fact, I could NOT stop looking, it had me in a trance. "Is it man? Is it woman? I am not sure!" I gasped.

Then we saw the side of it's face, and it had facial hair. It was... it was a Bee Gee. We were not aware of this until later on.

We went on our merry little Walmart way. I bought shoes for Miss Attitude aka my six year old's Xmas show. I bought a new bottle for Munson baby, and we stared at things that we thought were only available at malls. We then realized that Walmart was indeed the antichrist of stores.

After she treated me at Starbucks, another soon to be antichrist of things that were once good and wholesome, we were on our way home.

Our bellies full of coffee and marble loaf and seven layered pretty Opera cakes later, we discussed the Hairy Manthing:
"I can't believe we saw that strange hair thing..." I said.
"Yea what the fuck was that!" said Sissy.
"It was like a strange puffed mullet thing..." I said.
"Yea, like a Bee Gee! it was a BeeGullet!" she laughed.

It looked like this:
Bee Gee Mullet BeeGullet

Scary, right?

Not as fucking scary as this, this is his brother... Scary bee gee.

I am now going to go to sleep and have nightmares. Good night.

Oh yea, and I was the one that got the marble loaf. Call me granny why dontcha?


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does this work dude? cause if it does HURRAH I can go to bed.

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