Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy Fucksgiving.

Happy Fucksgiving.
(warning: run on sloppy assed sentencing ahead)

My holiday sucked. I got drunker than shit the night before. But before I got drunker than shit, my mother dropped my WHOLE SPECIAL CASSEROLE on the floor, while trying to put it in the oven for me. She started crying. I started laughing.

But, then when I woke up, the next day, all pissy and moany and dry cotton mouthed and feeling like drunken whore slop, I realized I wanted that special casserole. And I wanted to make another one. But my husband was being a pecker snot about taking me to the store because "THERE WILL BE A MILLION PEOPLEEEEE" he whined. So as he put his clothes on, I shouted "FUCK IT! FUCK THE CASSEROLE!" making my mom feel all weird about the casserole again, and then my husband to stand there dressed for the store and me stomping off crying to the bathroom.

I love being post partum and celebrating holidays. Drinking the night before until you pass out makes it all so much more lovelier.

The name...

I was gonna name the blog the pink taco, and i even worked on a site layout and all... with a pink taco and all. and it was clever and I will show you how it looked:

But I changed my mind.

Something about having a blog site named after pink genitalia, doesn't make me think people will want to even read about it. And those that DO want to read about it, will be sittin there with their pecker in their hands, going off to a one man rodeo.


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