Friday, December 24, 2004

on to other things

on to other things...

Anyway, enough about the assholes in my life.

I am waiting... waiting to WRAP PRESENTS. Yep, my presents are still stashed in my closet waiting, naked, to be wrapped.
Or as hubby says "to be wraped." LMFAO!

Funny story on the wraping. He comes home the other day and goes "I got some ... " looks around and sees The Girl standing in the hallway and goes " I got some W-R-A-P-I-N-G paper. It was on sale." I stand there and try to decipher what the fuck he spelled.

I look over, and The Girl is also trying to decipher... being she can now spell. Duh.

Anyhow, I go "raping? raping? who is raping on sale?" He gives me this look. He says the sentence over in my ear. I start laughing. I go " Its P-P-ING! not one P!" he goes "No, it's not." And the Class Spelling Bee Champion of 1983 comes out in me. "UM YEA... IT IS!" and so we bet 20 bucks on it.

He owes me 20 bucks. I should make him do other things instead.

So back to the naked presents. Wanna know what we got the kids?

The Girl:
Portable CD player (she is six ya know, she wants cool stuff... rolls eyes)
Raven CD... (remember the annoying little girl from the Cosby show? Yea her, with the funny eyebrows? She is now on Disney, and made me run rampant all over gods fucking creation to find her new CD.)
That's so Raven CD (because I couldn't find the above CD, I opted for the show's CD and now The Girl gets two CD's.)
2 Bratz Dollz I kinda loathe these things, but they are the "new Barbie". Whatever. Barbie is Barbie, these are hood rats with lots of gloss on their huge lips, and I hate them. But The girl loves them. I compromise. I buy her the ones that have CLOTHING on and not the ones that look like they belong on the street corner.
Bratz Tokyo-a-GoGo Sushi Lounge Bratz go on trips to Tokyo, ya know. Whats wrong with you? And they eat Sushi too. Sheesh! Don't you know anything?
Psychedelic Child Guitar Some little acoustic guitar, with cool colors. To bring out the music in her. I hope she plays John Mayer for mommy. I always wanted an acoustic guitar. I thinK I am gonna end up playing with this shit more than her. It's a real one, just for smaller hands.
Sam and the Owl book good old book I loved as a kid.
Princess Bride DVD
The Princess Diaries DVD two pack set
I think that's it. I think there's a few odds and ends in the closet I can't remember.

The Boy:
Warning: he is obsessed with Spiderman... so there will be lots of it.
Spiderman spy set
Spiderman web shooter
Spiderman underwear
Spiderman DVD set of 1960's cartoons... the entire series
Various other SPIDER MAN SHIT I CAN'T REMEMBER.... blame the husband. He genetically predisposed some Spiderman shit on The Boy and therefor he is OBSESSED. He sometimes makes us call him SPIDEY.
Sit and Spin light up the good old sit and spin, with lights. WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
A drum set yes we are retarded. It was cheap.
Some other shit I can't remember... movies and whatnot, and the Book "David had a bad day".

The Baby:
Boppy Pillow Extraodiare! a bean shaped pillow with doodads hanging from the thing on top of it. So he can sit in it and get pissy after ten minutes.

and from the boppy I will transport him to the ...
Fisher Price all in one baby to toddler seat a cool chair that I got The Boy when he was a baby, and he used it until he broke it two months ago. It turns from a small baby seat with doodads that dangle and a vibration to a toddler rocking chair. If you have a baby, I highly recommend this. And when he gets pissy in this I shall transport him to...

Some thing I found at TJ Maxx with baby lights and stuff...
you put them on their belly and they set off these lights that they can oogle at. Then he will get pissy and I can put him in his crib and he can go to sleep.
And some other baby odds and ends... He is small he doesn't know we don't have to spend so much on him. I learned this after THREE kids. I wish I woulda been smarter before.

Off I go. To clothe naked presents.


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