Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm melting...

I'm melting...

I just had a meltdown.

In the middle of the kitchen.

With a naked boy running around me, a freaked out hairless assed cat under the table hissing, and a girl with a christmas dress and combat boots on screaming something about juice in her hair. Also, a baby screaming in the background.

My husband? He passed the kitchen, saw me there, and scooped me up. I almost threw a pan at him about ten minutes earlier.

Now he scoops me up and hugs me as I sob.
I am losing it.

My kids, they are rampant. They have cabin fever. My son just pissed all over the house, but won't piss in the toilet. My daughter is being as demonic as Chucky, and the baby is sick.

Also, my cat, is losing the hair on her ass. She is biting it off. People say they think she has a nervous condition.

I think she is losing her fucking mind just like I am.

She has been my pet before I had kids. She was my baby before babies. I got her almost 8 years ago. She has seen me go through all three pregnancies and kids, and now, she is losing her hair and mind. All because her master is losing her own mind and has had way too many kids than either of us could handle. So she is ripping her hair out. Literally.

It snowed so much. Over a foot. That the trip to the mall we planned with Santa and Build-A-Bear is cancelled. The roads are icy and they have travelers advisorys. We have not had it snow this bad in over 5 years. We are actually snowed in. It took hubby over 2 hours to shovel the driveway.

I was gonna post a bunch of pics, but I don't feel good. I need a nap. Anyone have any pot? I am starting to realize why people smoke it.


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