Wednesday, March 09, 2005



Nothing much going on.

It's really cold here. Like 10 degrees or lower. I hate winter.
I am sick of winter. I am really really ready for it to be warm.

My friend and I were discussing seasons here in Ohio. We realized, that with winter and all the cold months, that we literally only have about 3 months of actual warm, good enough to go outside days. 90 fucking days. That's about it. I am just realizing this after living here for 31 years.

I wonder how high the depression rate is in Ohio, and how much of that depression rate is attributed to the seasons being so fucking shitty.

I like Ohio and all. But man alive, I want some sunshine. I got about ten minutes worth yesterday morning and felt like a new person. WTF is that all about?

Other stuff...

I went to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday with my oldest son. Just me and him. I had so much fun, watching my son have fun. He is so sweet. He is so happy. His big brown eyes and his long eyelashes. He was running around so much he was out of breath and his cheeks were apple red.

I realized as a mother of three, that I have to try and do this with all three of them as much as possible. To take them out alone with just me or their dad so that they can enjoy us alone.

I can't wait to see him run around this summer and be all apple cheeked and red and dirty and sweaty and having fun chasing fire flies with his sister. While the baby sits on a blanket and giggles.

Where is the sunshine Mother Nature?


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