Saturday, March 05, 2005

Killing me softly

Killing me softly

Remember that song? I am not talking about the Fugee's version. That one made me have hemmoroids. I'm talking about the one way back when, like when I wore pigtails. Like in early 1990's. Remember Al B. Sure? Yea, that version.

Anyhow, as nice as it would be to hear that I did a google search on Ol' Al.. who is probably all fat and hairy these days, this entry is not about Al.

I found a new group that is up and coming. I saw the video and was drawn in. Not just because I am a visual person, but because I liked how it sounded. Almost 80's like, and very haunting. Their name is The Killers. And if they are not very new to you, they are to me, ok? I am an old fart bag. Remember?

The fact that I heard them again on Regis and Kelly, whom I watch in the mornings because there isn't anything else on and I like Regis' funky lil sweet ass, had been a reminder to myself to check out their site and get their CD.

When my sister in law came over to play with the kids tonight, I asked her "DO you know about some new group called the Killers?" She looked at me sideways and goes "How did you know about them? I love them." As if I knew about some secret society. I felt like a dork. A big dork. She looked at me sideways.

I go "I like them. I like their song Mr. Brightside. Do you have anything by them?" she goes "yea, I can burn you some, want me to?" Of course I do, young whipper snapper. She seemed like she would be doing me some huge favor by helping out the dork in me.

Then I said "they have a distinct 80's sound." She goes "yes, that they do, I love it
!" Let me tell you, She was born in 1988. She acts as if she can remember the year and the decade. I love it. I love her. She is going to help me stay undorky even at 31.

Check out the Killers... they be Killing me, man. They are hot young lads as well. Little young hot, whipper snappers.
the Killers


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