Friday, March 11, 2005

What the hell?

WTF is up with blogger and comments?

I swear, I really need to get my own domain. But being the poor ass that I be, well, that ain't gonna be for sometime. So I guess I have to deal with the problems it has from time to time.

I tried to leave my Sucia Desiree a comment, and I couldn't! Napoleana! If you are reading this, YO I TRIED TO LEAVE YOU A COMMENT. SOMETHING SILLY AND ABOUT CHICKEN TALONS. But, I guess I will try later. "Isa a sledgehammer."

My daughter is having her first overnight friend stayover. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, her friend, my best friend's daughter, is staying over. Lot's of WEEEEEEEEEEE! GIGGGGLEEEE!!!! TEEE HEEEE! Laughing and giggling. It's adorable. It's like they are teenagers already. That is scary. It was yesterday when they were three years old barely out of diapers. Why does time fly?

This night reminded me of my first stay over. I was six, too. I also remember it was a big slumber party. And I remember I also cussed everyone out. Everyone was giggling and talking when we were supposed to be asleep, and I used my first big word... "serious".

Me: "Shut the hell up! I am serious! GO TO SLEEP!"
Everyone "SHUT UP MARI!"
A girl: "She said she is cereal! HEE HEE!"
Me: "I said SERIOUS IDIOT, not cereal! Bunch of assholes."

Yea. I was kind of a control freak. I was bossy.

I am so glad I changed.

(giggle tee hee....)


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