Saturday, April 30, 2005


I am obsessed with burlesque dance.

I watched the Bravo series Forty Deuce last night. Bravo had the whole series as a marathon. It ran from 10-2:00 a.m.

I remembered seeing the commercials before, and I could never remember when it was on, because as we all know, my brain has many fart pockets going on. Anything that doesn't require diapers, milk, feeding children or cleaning up seems to become forgotten. AKA my favorite shows, relax time, me time.

I stayed up, even though I needed to sleep. I loved it. After it was done I went to Ebay to look up burlesque fat girl outfits so I could have one for hubby man. I couldn't find one.

Shut up.

I want to be a burlesque dancer. Don't laugh at me. I am serious. Shut up. I am sure they can make an outfit to hide my fat somehow, right?

Anyhow, it was amazing. You could be sexy and not have to take off all of your clothes. It had that old fashioned sexuality about it. The kind where you could shimmy your ass and wear a bikini with fringe on it and be sexier than a stripper at an all nude strip joint.

I have always been drawn to pinup girls, 40's & 50's memorabilia, vintage shoes, clothes, things of that era. So this was a sort of cool thing to watch, as someone took an idea of the old Vegas, and brought it back to the new. Vargas meets Vegas. Awesome.

Now I want to go to Vegas and stay at a nice hotel with my husband, get drunk, go to Forty Deuce and watch the dancers. My god the fun we would have!

Go see the sexy womens...
Forty Deuce Presents The Luscious Peaches

Then go here and check out Dakota Ferreiro, she's my favorite: Dakota

And dont come back here after your done. I don't clean up grown folk.


Blogger Alisa Lynn Valdes said...

Mari Mari Mari,

I 'onna say it again, girlfriend. You BE a natural born writer. You are SO FUCKING FUNNY, woman. If you do nothing profitable with this talent of yours, I will wither on the vine and cry for decades. Brilliant woman, you. I hope you know it. And I hope the people who love you know it. Rare talent. That's all I'm sayin'.

10:33 PM  

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