Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jane asks me

Jane Magazine asked me (no not really, pretend, mmkay?) The Five Really Key Questions questions:

Are you repressing any urges?
Yes, currently I am. The urge to bitch slap this chick I know at the moment, for being a complete mess and being a total waste of air.

What's the worst you ever screwed someone over?
Hmm. I could say I never have. But I would be lying, now wouldn't I? I mean we all have done this at some point. So let's see... I have to think way back here... oh... when I moved in on this dude my friend had the hots for. He was staying at her house one night, and I was as well. A kind of "we all got too drunk let's listen to some Nirvana and drink more and people can try to make out" type thing. The next morning, after he tried to get it on with her (and failed because she was being "naughty but nice"), I walked out of the shower with only a tshirt on and wet hair. Needless to say, he and I got it on about a week later. But he was an asshole, so I guess in the end, I screwed myself over.

What style trend would you rather die than be caught following?
The latest one in Hollywood, where women refuse to eat and look like walking bones with skin on them. Yea, that one sucks. I like my food.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Let's just say, I guess for the six years before I met my husband and was having sex, I must have faked it the whole time. Because I never knew what one felt like until I had one with him, and then I was like "ohhh, that's what's supposed to happen? I am supposed to have that kind of thing going on?". I was smiling for days after that first experience. So yea.

Who's on your "celebs to make out with" list?
Besides the obvious, John Mayer and Jake and all that. Hmm... I like weird and geeky dudes. Funny dudes. Jimmy Fallon is cute, he has something silly about him. John Stewart is a pretty cute dude. Again the funny factor. And good hair. I like the salt and pepper thing he has going on now. Vince Vaughn has a cornball cute thing going on. I liked him much in Swingers. OH! And Brandon Flowers of The Killers, is killer!


Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, personally I wouldn't want to be caught wearing a strapless dress...that would be so gauche.

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