Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Help them

When I saw the footage of Katrina this morning. I started crying. It looked like the tsunami from last December. People on rooftops.A man crying to a reporter, while looking confused and wandering a street. "My house cracked in half. My wife... I couldn't hold on to her. She told me to let go and take care of the kids... my wife is gone. Everything I have is gone..." the reporter began to cry. The man walked on.

I was crying. These people. The people who did not get out, because they were economically unable to move to higher ground. We had warnings. Why couldn't states open up their own stadiums and buildings to let these poorer people in? Why couldn't airlines and buslines offer free rides to higher places? How about out of state hotels offering free places to stay? We could have avoided losing people. Men, women, babies. We had the warning. We had the money to save these people and yet, it was more or less "fend for yourself." And this is what they did. They went to higher ground, meaning attics, rooftops. They waved t-shirts and towels on sticks so that ARMY helicopters could rescue them. Those that lived. Those that weathered the storm and the beastly conditions. Those that survived.

Looting taking place, because people are scared they are going to starve. No food. No water. Nothing. But. Themselves.

They don't know the estimated death toll. But as of this afternoon it was up to 80. The mayor said as he was on a boat to see the damage, he saw bodies floating everywhere. He was at a loss for words.

Help them. Because those that needed help, were not given that help and didn't have a chance.

Help Victims of Hurricane Katrina


Blogger jamwall said...

like i mentioned on another blogger buddy's site, if you observe people in non-effected states you see such a level of pettiness. image obsessed teenagers, adults bothered about some perceived imperfection in their lives "i'm too fat....i'm bored all the time...dating sucks....i hate my clothes...etc...etc." meanwhile, folks in louisiana, mississippi and alabama would be thrilled to trade places with them. as a society, if we can't empathize with folks who are suffering, we should at least learn not to take good things for granted.

anyway, that's my take on part of our culture in this country. many many people (including yourself) are good about those things, but there are tons of others who don't understand life beyond their own.

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