Monday, November 08, 2004

le boiling le waters

le boiling le waters

I am boiling water. I am so tired. But, I am boiling water. I am making formula, because I was too lazy earlier to make formula. My days are insane. I am still sick, but the rest of the household and life, continues to be insane.

Am I insane?
I think so. I had three kids all before hitting 31. Since I was 23 I have been concieving and spewing children from my loins. Somehow, I thought the idea of tying tubes was such a final act. But the thing is, it is final to keep you from having the insanity you already have in your life. Not to control the insanity in your life. You can not control children. Children are my insanity.

To answer myself above.... YES YOU ARE INSANE, BITCH.

I think the pneumonia is going away. See, I said think... I don't know. I hope, and I think, but have no idea if it is indeedy going on it's ugly fucking way. I still hack. I still feel shitty. But not all at once. And I don't feel the need to be contained in a deathbed and stare at the wall all day long. I actually sat on the couch and watched Judge Joe Brown and his other fellow Judges, and some Maury "I need ratings like a mofo" Povich. My three year old actually gave me a break today and played by himself. He was out of my buttcheeks and gave me a much deserved break. He was good today. Ohhh... today. But tomorrow, see, tomorrow, shall be interesting. He will be devil child tomorrow. I can just feel it in my sickly bones.

The baby is sleeping better. Either that or I am insane. Or I am just used to being sleep deprived. I dunno which.

Ok... um, I am tired. So, yea, goodnight.


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