Sunday, November 07, 2004

jumbalyah mumble-ayah.

I am still sick. I am still a bit grumpy. And I am still wondering A. If I should be greatful someone in heaven is looking out for me, or B. What evil is out to get me.

I lost my voice yesterday. Oh joy of joys. So when people call for me, it really does sound as if I am on my deathbed. I hear : "Oh my God. You sound awful!" or I hear: "Oh man, you really sound like complete shit!". You get the picture. And I try to pronounce words as clearly as I can and sound like an idiot.

Everything tastes shitty. I either cook it with too much salt because I can't tell the difference, or I make it blander than shit. My tongue is like "I CANT TASTE! I AM DEAD! I AM PARALYZED!"

So, yea. I am ya know, just sick. And sick of being sick, and tired of being sick, and tired from being sick. Yea.

The Burning Bed is on T.V. right now. I am snickering at it. Not snickering at the fact that a woman gets beaten by her husband, because nothing about that is cool. But, snickering because Farrah Faucett is being beaten on T.V. .... and that is cool.

I find this man disturbingly sexy.


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