Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I be whorish and borish

I be whorish and borish

First off, can I stick my tongue out and say nah nah nah and show off to the fact that I- of all boring ass bloggers that take up space in the internet world- got a note from the Sarcastic Journalist herself? She rocks. (Check her out at SheNuts.Com)
I thank her for reading my lonely little boring assed blog, and for commenting at that! I thank you SJ! I feel humbled and honored, and not so boring anymore!
I am such a needy whore, that I need acceptance from people. Acceptance is like candy to me.

Munson Baby is no longer that sick. Notice I said "that sick", he has a little raspy voice, kinda like he is hoarse, and a tiny small cough. But nothing that bad :::knocks on wood:::.

Can I tell you that my son pee's on me more than any child known to man? Yes, he does. I changed his diaper earlier today, I swear to you he cooed and he smiled as big as the ocean is wide, and he then pissed on me. He does this at least once a day. My older son, never did it like this. He pissed on me like 2 times as an infant.
Ryan will either be into peeing on people, or design fountains for a living. Or just be a really silly person. I swear he thinks it's funny.

And with that... I share with you cute Munson photos....

"Hey baby... lemme give you some Munson lovin'"

how cute is this face?

I think his eyes might be blue, which means for once in my life, my genes let something other than shit brown take over my offspring's eyecolor... keep your fingers crossed they stay this way, it's like a trophy to me that my hispanicness was shoved aside enough to let a gringo take over the eyeball genes.

This face is so elfen I could eat it!

"My mom is irritating me with this camera bullshit."

"Ok mom, that's enough. PLEASE"

Here is me looking all pale and whatnot. My friend Sissy said I looked "exotic" or some horseshit like that... ok, yea, whatever Sissy. Try pale. If you look to the right of me you can see the angel of death in the background! Just kidding. But I guess, for almost dying of blood loss and having pneumonia and whatnot, I don't look so bad. I have "homemade shitty hair kit" cranberry streaks in my hair. Do not adjust your TV sets.
By golly gee, kids, I would say, that I am almost back to my old whorish self! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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