Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fatback rides again

My friend sent me a picture today, from a couple years ago.

What I saw, threw me into some sort of freak out.

Is this me?

What the fuck!?

I noticed I was pretty large. Real large.

So the questioning started. "Do I still look like this? Am I possibly that big to the opposite eye? What the fuck!?"

What I did next, was take as much of a full shot as I could, so I could compare them together.

Know what I see? I don't know what I see. It's all distorted to me. (rhyme unintentional).

I can't fucking tell. That's what. I know I have huge boobs, big whoop. Lemme see a woman over 190 that ain't got big boobs. It's fat, my dear.

The woman in the picture is an ex-friend. Someone who shall remain nameless and sucks ass hair in my opinion. I superimposed a picture of Nosferatu, because that is what she reminds me of, a bloodsucking vampire. Except she doesn't suck blood. She likes to suck down martini's nightly after her kids are in bed. And I don't mean just one or two. I mean a whole bottle.
The baby is not hers, he is the baby of another ex-friend (yes, I have lots of those) who shall also remain nameless. I put a cute little censoring dot over his face because I am not showing someone else's baby on the internet. So I covered his face. Because I am nice. But I am not so nice to that vampire holding him.

She pretty much resembles Nosferatu, except that her teeth are green. And her eyes are a bit beadier:

That was 2 years ago. BEFORE baby #3. I was 220 pounds.

This is today.

I don't know how much I weigh currently. But last I knew of before Christmas I was around 194. I weighed 235 during pregnancy. My diet of blood hemmoraging and transfusions, and also pneumonia got me down to 194. I ain't on that diet anymore. So, I know I am not that weight exactly.

But I like donuts. So, yea. Probably a few more pounds than that.

All I know, is I was a 20-22 in that pic before and I am in my prepregnancy jeans as we speak. PP jeans are a size 18. I can make myself squeeze into a 16 if I try. I mean TIGHT squeeze.

I also know, that my before pic shows the trouble I was having while on certain medications. Lemme tell ya, I am PETRIFIED of that happening again.

Where am I going with this entry? Jesus, who knows. I guess I am just scared I look worse than I originally thought I did.

Wasn't I just talking about fat on meat the other day? "That will clog your arteries..." my husband said. Maybe he wants to say "You're gonna be wearing MuMu's and I will have to walk around with your fat ass and smile".


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