Monday, March 14, 2005

Pope of Scummy Village?

I just sat through some videos on VH1.

I saw the new video by Mariah Carey from her new album "The Emancipation of Mimi". I have no idea what the fuck all that means, but anyway on to my point.

I am watching this video and almost turn the channel, because not only is Jermaine "scary little demon midget" Dupri in it, but because me and Mariah have an imaginary battle going on for my husband. He loves her. I think she is a living and breathing Monchi Chi.

So like I was saying... I watch it anyway, because I notice that Eric Roberts is in it. Remember Eric Roberts? Brother of Julia, the one who had a career before she became america's scariest big tooth? Well, I notice he is in Monchichi's video watching her from some office as she gets ready for a party. And there he is, smiling and watching her. I then remember, he did the EXACT same thing in the Killer's video Mr. Brightside. He plays a bordello pimp in the Brightside video and watches as a dolllike girl romps around being a bordello whore. While the dollwhore kisses the lead singer boy who wears eyeliner and makes me weak in my knees, Eric smiles with glitter on his face and eats an apple.

So my point? I dunno if I have one. But I do have a question. Why is Eric Roberts playing a voyueristic bordello pimp in two very different videos. One is hip hop pop and the other is rock? The two are not connected. It makes me feel weird. And dirty. And kind of scared.

Wanna know what scared me even more? VH1 puts the Mr. Brightside video on after the Monchichi video. I ran out of the room screaming NOOOOOOOO! NOT THE BORDELLO PIMP AGAIN!

As I peered from around the corner, I saw Mr. Roberts taking a bite out of an apple and smile and wink at me from the TV screen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I share your pain. I too fear the recent overflow of Mr. Roberts on our music videos. I actually saw the Mr. Brightside video first and was intrigued by him. I could not remember who he was at first. My friends and I must have watched that movie atleast 20 times until we gave up and just dubbed him the "Creepy Guy in the Killers video." Just a couple of days ago I saw him again playing the same role in the new Mariah video and it started to drive me crazy. I put a search out and thus you gave me the answer to my questions. Thanks so much. I think what we should do from here is start a petition against his appearances in other videos. What's next? I fear watching my mtv and seeing the premier of a 50 cent video with "the creepy guy from the killers video" playing fifty's fellow pimp.

2:50 PM  

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