Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Every little thing

Everything has me on edge today.

My daughter is home sick after the school nurse called me 4 times yesterday afternoon. Each time my daughter more and more sickly. Finally I gave in, even though she had a normal temp and all she had was an annoying cough. She could have stuck it out until 3 p.m. But no. I had to pick her up at 2 p.m. Wow, what a huge difference.

Then last night my husband was on my nerves. I love him, I love him dearly, but when he gets into his trances and ignores the goings on in this insane house, it drives me nuts. HELLO? ANYBODY HOME? YES, HELLO THERE. CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING? DISCIPLINE SOMEONE? HELP ME OUT HERE A BIT?

My daughter stayed home. I wanted to avoid another early release and a million calls from Nurse Hatchett. So, now she is home. With a cough and hacking, yet she can still beat her brother up and take things from him to make him whine more than ever.

Also, the baby is sick again. He just got over a cold two weeks ago where the Pediatrician thought he was developing pnuemonia. He recovered quickly, then got 4 immunizations. That was 10 days ago. Mother's know the math. 7-10 days after immunizations, babies can get sick. Develope fevers, and also be crankier than shit. He eats and then is so cranky I can't put him down. I can't keep sticking a bottle in his mouth. He will weigh 500 pounds by the time he is 1 year old. He will end up on Maury Povich wearing a baby wife beater tank top that rides up on his belly and a diaper that's two sizes to small to accentuate his humungosity. People in the audience will go "Booooooooo BAD MOM!" and I will dab at tears with a hanky while Maury tells the story about the baby who's mama didn't know how to handle him so she made him eat every time he cried.

Help me out here God. Give me something to look forward to.


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