Saturday, March 12, 2005

New dress

Listening to: Yellow card
My Only One

No, I won't word all my entries with songs and whatnot. I just felt like it.

I got a new blog dress. You like it? I did all my own graphics. My own background. I just used the CSS and HTML stuff from the peeps at Not [that]ugly.

The baby is me. The bride is me. The high school geek photo... yep, me. And then there's just a pic of the now me. The weird 31 year old me. Oh, but the guy in the pic of me as a bride is not me... it's my husband. Ha ha.

I like the way it came out. I still have some odds and ends that are bothering me about it and I plan on adding more links for Sucia blogs and for art by Sis Art. But this will have to do until I tweak it up.

I spent most of my day on it because I am a geek.

Now that my site is clean, my house isn't. It looks like a fucking hurricane ran through. I am also bitchy towards everyone in my house. I want to be alone. LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU HEATHENS! YOU DAMNED BLOOD SUCKERS! YOU SUCK MY SOUL!

There. I feel better.

Not really.

Oh well.

Nothing a new dress can't cure.


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