Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sissy's art show

1Last night I went out with Sissy. Her artwork (the collage on the right for her Sisart link and one of her paintings) was featured in a Mother's Day art show. We went to check it out.

Her work looked gorgeous. Surrounded by other artist's work on the theme of Motherhood, it really stood out and was making me beam with pride. My best friend, my "Sissy Flexitalis" is taking her first steps into the world of an artist.

I tried to be nice and look at all the other works, but I kept walking back to hers. Maybe because I knew it and was familiar, and because I was thinking "I saw that after it was made. I saw that before anyone else!". Or because to me, they were the most original, the most beautiful, the most creative.

We had a beer each and then we decided to go out to eat. We ate at a strange little "World Juice Bar and Eatery". It had the name Mango in it, so I thought I would be familiar with the tastes. I wasn't. Luckily Sissy knew the good stuff to eat so I just ordered a portabello, garlic and tomatoe quesadilla like she did. It was really good. But I was gassy as a mofo all night. Thanks Sis.

But, the "bread and slather" was just fucking nasty. It was some seedy bread with a tomatoe and strawberry salsa. We ate it as an appetizer and we both were confused. "Tastes like one of the kids made a concotion in the kitchen", I said. "Like ketchup and strawberry jam" Sis said. She was right. Why the fuck would you name something "SLATHER" anyway? Slather is gross. Slather is gross on bread. Slather is just nasty no matter how you say it. "How was the slather?" asked the waiter. "It tasted like weird jam" I said.

The Mango and lime spritzer was not too good either. It needed sugar. And everytime I would sip it I would break out in a coughing fit. "I think your allergic to it, Mari." She started laughing. "I know..." and then I would sip it again. And cough again. And laugh again. As we left, Sissy blew her nose and then took her booger rag of a kleenex and smooshed it into her hardly touched Mango Lime Spritzer. "This is what I think of your nasty ass spritzer" and she positioned the kleenex on top of the drink. The waiter was right behind her. I started laughing.

Little college people with weird eyes stared at us like outsiders. Something we love. So we continued to act like asses. Little college people sipping their "world" drinks and eating their "slather". I am so glad I am not a little college person with weird eyes.

I had to put my glasses on because I have been having a problem with my contacts lately, so I took them out. When we were leaving I got a glimpse of my butt in a window and started laughing. "I look like a little church lady with a ghetto booty." Then I made a comment about how I had a bad vibe about something and Sissy started laughing saying "What are you a little psychic with your glasses and ghetto booty?" I called myself The Medium. I guess you had to be there.

In the car, I started making fun of someone we know who shall remain nameless. The face I made when I was imitating them made Sissy stop and laugh so hard that I began heaving from laughter. I didn't wanna go home. But we were around the corner from my house.

As I got out I hugged Sissy and told her how proud I am of her. She is going on a trip for a week and what will I do without her? I call her everyday and vice versa. We are each other's sanity during motherhood insanity.

I guess I can try to write a book, so she can come with me to my book signings?
Sounds good to me.


Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

I think you showed some Sisart before. I remember Picasso, which is my favorite.

Glad you having happy times. Have some more. With or without spritzer.

2:00 PM  

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